With this 3-piece knife set from the Hammered Stainless Steel Series you have a perfect balance between a chef's knife for meat, vegetables and fish , for example, but also for peeling garlic cloves and crushing a peppercorn. A nakiri knife is a traditional Japanese knife that is very popular in Japanese cuisine. A nakiri knife has a rectangular blade with a rounded corner. With a nakiri knife you cut with a chopping motion (push-cut). The knife remains constantly in a horizontal position and the tip does not rest on the cutting board. This makes the edge ultra-thin and razor-sharp. The Santoku knife is used for meat, vegetables and fish. A Santoku knife has a high and straight blade. The blade is the same width over almost its entire length and only tapers off at the tip. This makes the Santoku knife look like a combination of a cleaver and a chef's knife

In this set

  • Hammered Stainless Steel Series - Chef's Knife
  • Hammered Stainless Steel Series - Nakiri knife
  • Hammered Stainless Steel Series - Santoku knife

Hammered Stainless Steel Series from Shinrai Japan are unique for every kitchen.

This edition of the Hammered Stainless Steel Series is finished with precision. The hand-hammered steel blade extends into a beautiful pakka wood handle. The blade is hand-hammered in Japanese style. This technique is called tsuchime. This not only ensures high sharpness and a beautiful appearance, but also prevents your cut goods from sticking to the blade.

People who cut a lot probably suffer from this sometimes. Knives that become blunt very quickly and blades where the cut food always sticks to the knife. With this razor-sharp knife set from Shinrai Japan, that is a thing of the past.

  • High-quality hammered Japanese stainless steel
  • Sublime and effective hammered pattern
  • Razor-sharp chef's knife and paring knife.
  • Comes in a luxurious gift box
  • The best in its price range

All knives are extremely sharp. The perfect balance makes them fit comfortably in your hand. Cutting food has never been so easy and fun!

Handmade in detail
Because the knives are handmade, attention has been paid to every detail during production. This way you get the best quality Japanese knives.

Perfect grip
The hand-hammered steel blade extends into a beautiful pakka wood handle. The blade is hand-hammered in Japanese style. The handle fits very comfortably in the hand, for both left and right-handers. A beautiful detail is the Shinrai Japan logo on the end of the handle. A beautiful knife with the perfect grip.

A beautiful gift
The knives are always delivered in a beautiful gift box. This not only ensures that the knives are protected along the way, but also that it puts a smile on your face when you receive it.

Japanese stainless steel
The knives from Shinrai Japan are unique as most of them are made by hand. Forged from High Carbon steel, making the knives hard and very sharp. A beautiful and durable knife set that cannot be missing in your kitchen.


Country Standard shipping Transit time
 Netherlands Free above €49.- 1-2 working days
Germany/Belgium/Switzerland/Austria Free above €49.- 1-3 working days
Europe Free above €49.- 2-4 working days
US/Canada Free above €49.- 5-10 working days
Middle East Free above €49.- 20-30 working days*
Rest of world Free above €49.- 5-15 working days


Easy returns within 21 days. For more information please visit www.shinraiknives.com/pages/returns

Shinrai is the Japanese word for confidence, reliance and trust. A perfect summary of our main purpose; building and maintaining customer confidence, while delivering high quality knives worldwide.

High quality knives are essential in every kitchen. Our selection meets high standards and prevents annoyances such as blunt knives and food sticking to the blade. We love cooking and gladly share our joy with the rest of the world.

Our knives are partly handmade and forged out of the best materials. Variations in design ensure that there is a perfect knife for every kitchen and every chef. The only thing you have to do is place an order. We will take care of the rest. That is our promise.

Shinrai Knives

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