Knife magnet wall strip - Acacia wood


Keep your kitchen looking organised with Shinrai knife magnet wall strip! Easy to attach and super strong!

Magnetic wall strip knife holder
A magnetic knife holder ensures that your knives won't get damaged, are safe and beautifully presented. The strong magnet in the knife strip provides great magnetic suction , so the knives will never fall off. Besides being very practical, it also looks very elegant.

Organised kitchen
The advantage of the magnetic knife holder is that your kitchen looks beautifully tidy! No more having your knives lying loose on your kitchen worktop or messy in the drawer! Because the magnetic knife holder is attached to the wall, it takes up no space on your kitchen counter. In other words, it is a must-have item for a tidy kitchen.

Durable and strong
The product is made of magnetised acacia wood. This is super strong and durable. The strong magnet in the knife strip provides great magnetic suction. Your knives will never fall off. This product is 100% safe.

Great design
The magnetic knife holders from Shinrai are not only super functional but they also look very sleek on your countertop. A real eye-catcher. The knife strip has a very long lifespan.

Because the knife strip has to be attached to the wall, it always hangs securely and never gets in the way. Any kind of knife whether it is a small or a large sushi knife will stay in place due to the powerful magnet. Additional advantage, you can also use the knife strip as an elegant key holder! This is because the knife strip is suitable for all magnetic products.

Give your kitchen knives the attention they deserve by storing them neatly on our magnetic knife strip. No more messy kitchen drawers! With this specially designed magnetic knife strip, your favourite cooking knives always stay within easy reach. Order your own knife strip today and experience Shinrai prompt service. Enjoy the benefits of this beautiful knife strip and leave your kitchen tidy and organised.


Country Standard shipping Transit time
 Netherlands Free above €49.- 1-2 working days
Germany/Belgium/Switzerland/Austria Free above €49.- 1-3 working days
Europe Free above €49.- 2-4 working days
US/Canada Free above €49.- 5-10 working days
Middle East Free above €49.- 20-30 working days*
Rest of world Free above €49.- 5-15 working days


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Shinrai is the Japanese word for confidence, reliance and trust. A perfect summary of our main purpose; building and maintaining customer confidence, while delivering high quality knives worldwide.

High quality knives are essential in every kitchen. Our selection meets high standards and prevents annoyances such as blunt knives and food sticking to the blade. We love cooking and gladly share our joy with the rest of the world.

Our knives are partly handmade and forged out of the best materials. Variations in design ensure that there is a perfect knife for every kitchen and every chef. The only thing you have to do is place an order. We will take care of the rest. That is our promise.

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